Digital - Keith Richie - Escape (Single)

Digital - Keith Richie - Escape (Single)

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Immerse yourself with this single for Escap;e.

This song was something I had worked on to make another “attempt” at creating a Synth-wave, Retrowave type of album, but I eventually gave up on that idea. I decided I wanted to “Stop” trying to do something like that, and just let my music be my music. It was then going to be included on Skylines, but in the end, it wound up on my Pillars in Time album dedicated to my good friend Spencer Harbar.

Spencer and I go way, way back. And from the list of folks I dedicated songs to for Pillars, I would have to say I’ve known Spencer the longest. It’s a great song, and he’s a great friend, so it kicks off the Pillar album in full force with the new name Phonky Muvva.

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