Digital - Keith Richie - Singularities

Digital - Keith Richie - Singularities

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Singularities contains the individual movements from the various parts of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite as individual songs with unique starts and endings. Whereas The Maestoso Interstellar Suite presents the music as individual movements bridged together into four individual parts, those individual movements were extracted for shuffle play and broadcasting in the form of the Singularities release.

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Track listing and song previews below:

The track listing for Singularities is as follows:
•Event Horizon
•Naked Singularity
•Intermission I
•Inertial Frame of Reference
•Time Dilation
•Dark Matter
•Gravity Waves
•Intermission II
•General Relativity
•Escape Velocity

In the full version of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition, it is delivered in its intended listening format containing four parts with various movements bridging the music together. The logical places for the movements are as follows:

The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Part I
•00:00 Prelude
•04:20 Movement I (Event Horizon)
•18:10 Movement II (Naked Singularity)
•32:09 Intermission I

The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Part II
•00:00 Movement III (Inertial Frame of Reference)
•09:29 Movement IV (Redshift)
•15:00 Movement V (Time Dilation)
•26:36 Movement VI (Causality)

The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Part III
•00:00 Movement VII (Cryosleep)
•10:00 Movement VIII (Dark Matter)
•17:10 Movement IX (Gravity Waves)
•23:29 Intermission II

The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Part IV
•00:00 Movement X (General Relativity)
•06:47 Movement XI (Escape Velocity)
•11:41 Movement XII (Aphelion)
•20:24 Postlude