Digital - Keith Richie - Pillars In Time

Digital - Keith Richie - Pillars In Time

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Community: A feeling of fellowship with others, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. 
Support: Giving assistance to, or holding up… Like a Pillar. 

I have been asked many times if I was ever going to do an album that was specifically “SharePoint” themed, and I toyed around with it from time to time, but quite honestly it just wasn’t working out. Also, what would the songs be named? 

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Regardless, there is one thing about working with SharePoint after many, many, many years that you wind up gaining. Lots of friends, and an outstanding community. 

A few months ago, I started working on some music that wasn’t the normal Ambient, or Soundtrackesque type of music I normally do, but was once again trying to target a “Synthwave” styled album. I had tried this previously with my album Skylines. But of course, as I get closer to completing songs, I find they really aren’t what many would really call Synthwave, nor do I really want to try to target a specific genre in what I’m working on. 

So, after tinkering with a different kind of idea for a while, I decided to put together an album with these songs that I think are more for general consumption, but with the mindset for thanking a large portion of the SharePoint community for supporting me throughout the years not only with SharePoint but my music in big ways. 

So, with that in mind… these songs were placed together on an album I’m calling “Pillars In Time”. 

This album is be dedicated to The SharePoint Community and those who have supported me in big ways. 

The songs are affectionately named in honor of specific folks in the SharePoint community who have supported me in the years past. Each song title has their Twitter handle in case you would like to know more about them. 

Of course, if your one of my long time SharePoint friends, and your name isn’t listed, PLEASE don’t think I consider you any less than those individuals who ARE listed. These were just some of the immediate names of those who have helped me in big ways throughout the years. In fact, I could do an entire series of albums honoring names of folks who have done just that. These are just a few.