Digital - Keith Richie - Songs From The Wounded Heart

Digital - Keith Richie - Songs From The Wounded Heart

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"Thematically versatile with a distinctive signature sound, Keith Richie’s music is overall beautifully haunting, deeply emotive and often darkly thematic – yet never ghoulish, alienating or overtly frightening in nature. Possessing an amazing knack for conveying some of the most vivid imagery and haunting emotion through his music, Richie certainly lives up to his artistic self-description as an “original ‘n’otion picture soundtrack composer”, with Songs from the Wounded Heart impressively serving as another stellar output! " ~Candice Michelle / Journeyscapes Radio

A collection of sad; mournful and melancholy songs from my previous albums (along with new material) that are enhanced and re-mastered in 24bit for this special anthology.

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