Digital - Keith Richie - Ambient Highways

Digital - Keith Richie - Ambient Highways

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It is now 2021 and a short century ago in 2015 I wrote Ambient Highways. What started as a way to escape many personal things in my life soon became the hidden key to all the locks on any and all forms of expression for me.

Musically I was at an all-time low, struggling to find a sound that was uniquely me. I had so many ideas I just could not lay out, I felt blocked and with that I had so much pent up inside. Having nowhere else to turn, I took a breath and laid my fingers on the keys.

It started with Neutrino, just tinkering around until I felt a path worth following. Then V Feeling, seemingly flowing organically and effortlessly together. Those two leading to a place I have not felt or seen in a long while. Adding more and more until all their notes fell into place forming the letter, I've been needing to send for a long time coming.

After hearing the song Ambient Highways, my wife was able to take something I could only feel and put a visual image on it that I cannot help but think perfectly displayed just where my path had led. Her cover design portrayed my vision and with that, my struggles disappeared. I was able to pull from it and various other inspirations, allowing everything I was working on to blend into a solid concept.

Even after this 6-year century, I can still listen to Ambient Highways from start to finish with my eyes closed and visually see this body of music. For me, it leaves a lasting expression of finding beauty within the chaos. Just a moment of clarity. I hope it does the same for you. I am thankful to finally be in a place to share it with you in its full intended form, just as it was meant to be.

I want to thank my wife Kayla for being my constant partner and best critic. Also, my daughters Kathryn and Faith. If not for them I would sorely be lacking much of the inspiration and drive these songs demanded of me.
And for so many others too numerous to name. Thank you for all your support, for investing and believing in me, never hinting towards any doubt. I hope you find comfort and treasure Ambient Highways and much as I do.

Keith Richie
January 14th, 2021

“The time between us drifts further and further apart. That is why I have made a goal; to make my heart harder, colder, and stronger. The door that I know will never open. I won’t knock on it eternally.”
“We are far, far, very, very far apart… but it might be that thoughts can overcome time and distance.”
Voices of a Distant Star

Track Listing

01) Neutrino
02) V Feeling
03) Xenogenesis
04) Ambient Highways
05) Weeping Angels
06) Faith's Song (Ptilopteri Waltz)
07) Arctic Shores
08) Dew from the Mourning Star
09) Keeping the Dream Alive
10) Neptune's Awakening
11) Distant Visions
12) Ultima Thule

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